Our in vivo models are established by transplanting sub-cutaneous human myeloma cell lines into immunocompromised mice typically SCID-Beige mice.

Choosing Myelomax means you will be able to:

Test actual human myeloma cell lines

featuring the full complexity of genetic abnormalities that exist in multiple myeloma populations and sub-groups

Customize studies to suit your investigational agent

– either alone or combined with standard of care agents to determine the efficacy of your therapeutic target. Each study is unique – no “one size fits all”

Receive expert advice

on which myeloma mouse models are the most appropriate for your study which will lead to the best outcomes and go/no-go decisions.

Typical in vivo protocol:

  • Model selection
  • Injection of human myeloma cells into immunodeficient mice
  • Randomization
  • Bodyweight and behavioral monitoring
  • Tumor volume monitoring


  • Samples for subsequent studies: e.g. serum, blood, tumor tissue
  • Tumor tissue analysis: e.g. Western Blot, qPCR



Advance your multiple myeloma research and develop programs by understanding not only how target candidates perform in vitro, but also at next stage in vivo animal models. Myelomax is dedicated to Multiple Myeloma and continuously invests to expand not only our cell lines but also our animal models.

Myelomax helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and academic researchers in the battle to bring more effective drugs to market.

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