We are experts in human myeloma cell line testing and evaluation. We have a unique collection of 38 fully characterized myeloma cell lines which is the most representative of the heterogeneity of Multiple Myeloma in humans and which represents over 30 years research and development. This collection also includes drug resistant sister cell lines.

We test for cell survival, proliferation, apoptosis, and cellular mechanisms using various in vitro assays. We also offer in vivo tumoral growth assays.

In vitro assays available as standard – others upon request:

  • Cell survival assay (MTT assay, Cell Titer Glo assay, …)
  • Cell proliferation assay (Alamar Blue assay, Thymidine assay, …)
  • Clonogenic growth assay
  • Cell death assay cytometry (Annexin V assay, Apo 2.7 assay, Caspase assay)
  • Cellular mechanisms (qPCR, Western Blot analysis, …)
  • Custom cell based assays




Our collection of human myeloma cell lines is characterized for:

  • Response to therapeutic agents (dexamethasone, melphalan, bortezomib, lenalidomide, pomalidomide,
  • Chromosomal abnormalities (different recurrent 14q32 translocations, Hyperdiploidy, Deletion del(17)p)
  • Global gene expression profile (molecular groups overlapping those of patients)
  • Phenotype
  • K-Ras, N-Ras, TP53 mutations
  • Bcl2/Mcl1-BH3 complexes

Choosing Myelomax means you will be able to:

Receive expert advice

on which cell lines are the most appropriate for your study. Our clients save time, money and crucially have access to those cell lines which will lead to the best outcomes and go/no-go decisions

Customize studies to suit your investigational agent

either alone or combined with standard of care agents to determine the efficacy of your therapeutic target. Each study is unique – no “one size fits all”

Launch in record time

so target candidates can be evaluated promptly and cost-effectively. This means no more waiting for pre-programmed assay testing slots – your assay can be conducted as and when required.

About our human myeloma cell lines:

  • Our large collection of HMCL is fully characterized and allows for statistical analyses
  • Our cell line collection represents over 30 years research and development
  • Our HMCLs are mainly proprietary or under license with the rest of the collection made up of commercially available cell lines.

About our testing services:

  • We take the time to understand the science behind the molecules to ensure that your study is not “off the shelf”. There is no “one size fits all approach” at Myelomax
  • We are able to run simultaneous single or multiple compound assay testing on our whole collection of 38 lines either alone or in combination with novel agents or standard of care agents
  • We test directly on HMCLs to be sure of reliable and predictable outcomes so you can be confident entering clinical development.

Advance to next stage in vivo drug discovery with Myelomax

  • Understand not only how target candidates perform in vitro, but also at next stage in vivo animal models.
  • Our in vitro platform can support your in vivo program – find out more here.
  • Myelomax is dedicated to Multiple Myeloma and continuously invests to expand not only our cell lines but also our animal models.


Myelomax helps pharmaceutical and biotech companies, and academic researchers in the battle to bring more effective drugs to market.

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